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Day 01

Negombo - Mahiyanganaya

We riding to Mahiyangana. Mahiyangana is a small town located 72 kilometers east of Kandy. It is Sri lanka's first city visited by Buddha to stop the war between the race of Yakshas (demons) andthe race of Nagas (serpents). In this town native tribes called Veddhas live in. We look around their lifestyle. We stay at a hotel overnight in Mahiyangana.

Day 02

Polonnaruwa / Minneriya National Park

Next Day after breakfast we riding Polonnaruwa,Polonnaruwa is second capital of Sri lanka during Shinhala civilisation(10-12th centuryBC). It was Buddhist city. The kings build ambitious dams and irrigation system. We can enjoy Ancient city.We proceed to Mineriya National Park to watch Elephants and other animals. It is not large but we can watch a lot of elephant nearby jeep.We riding to stay at a hotel overnight giritale.

Day 03

Sigiriya - Dambulla

Next Day after breakfast we riding Sigiriya.Sigiriya lion rock is an ancient fortress and palace ruin. The Sigiriya was built during the reign of King Kashyapa (AD 477 – 495).We climb 950 steps and can see famous ancient printing sigiriya lady. It is resistered as a world heritage.After if you like, we can ride a elephant in the jungle. We proceed to Dambulla.We visit the impressive cave temple dating back to 1st century BC. It is also world heritage. The complex of 5 caves with over 2000 square metres of painted walls and ceilings is the largest area of paintings found in the world. It contains over 150 images of the Buddha statues. We riding to stay at a hotel overnight Dambulla.

Day 04


Next Day after breakfast we riding Anuradhapura.Anuradhapura was established in the 4th century BC and was the first capital of Sri Lanka.During 3th century BC,Buddhism reached in this city.And from there Buddhism spreaded to Burma,Thailand,Cambodia,and all over the world. Although it was the national capital for over 1300 years up to the 10th century AD,repeated innovations by Indians resulted in the capital being moved to Polonnaruwa. We riding to stay at a hotel overnight Anuradhapura

Day 05

Rajanganaya - Kalpitiya

Next Day after breakfast we riding Rajanganaya, most famous reservoir in Sri Lanka named Rajanganaya is spilling. It is an amazing scene to see.We proceed riding to Puttalam. Puttalam is a small fishing town.Major industry is fishery,coconut plantation and salt farm.Especially salt farm is famous. After We stay at a Beach bangalow in Kalpitiya.

Day 06

Kalpitiya - Negombo

The last day Early morning after breakfast we going watch Kalpitiya, Kalpitiya is the best point to watch Dolphins and Whales.The season is November to April.In this seaseon we can watch more than 150 dolphins.

The last day after breakfast riding to Negombo or your next destination. For more details please contact us

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