Rent A Tuk Tuk

The Best Way To Explore Sri Lanka

Drive Your Own Tuk Tuk

Sri Lanka is a small country with various beautiful environments. So, the best way to explore this small island with freedom, like a bird, and to go to fantastic places that other tourists have not seen is to travel in a three wheeler like a local.

Why Pick & Go?

Travel More, Spend Less

Our Affordable TukTuk Rental Packages


$ 18 Per day
  • Sri Lankan driving license - $40
  • Full Insurance - $60
  • No any hidden fees


$ 17 Per day
  • Sri Lankan driving license - $40
  • Full Insurance - $60
  • No any hidden fees


15 Per day
  • Sri Lankan driving license - $40
  • Full Insurance - $60
  • No any hidden fees

You Can Do Train Transfers With Us!

If you like to take beautiful train rides During your journey on our TukTuk, We help you with that! It's only cost $40!

It's Easy To Get Your Own Tuk-Tuk In Sri Lanka

Effortless Renting Process

02. Let Us Know Your Requirements.
Our team will collect some information from you to provide you with premium service. This information includes your arrival date, how long you will be in Sri Lanka, and what places you want to explore.
03. Get Your Local Licence
For legal driving in Sri Lanka, you need a local driving licence. Prior to your arrival, we'll take care of this. To get started, send us your driver's license and passport photos. After that, we will organise the rest.
04. Let's Plan Your Journey
If you desire, you can plan your journey with the support of a specialist in our team.
05. Level Up Your Ride With Our Driving Lesson
After your arrival, you'll receive a one-on-one driving lesson with one of our qualified instructors, designed to help you familiarize yourself with driving a tuk-tuk.
06. Explore With Your Own Tuk-Tuk
After All, The open road awaits your exploration, where adventure begins with every turn.
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We do not have any limitations with TukTuks.

If You Expect To Travel With A Bunch Of Friends

Pick and Go Tuk Tuk Rental

Try Tuk Tuk Group Tours

At Pick & Go Travels, we provide thrilling group adventures for you and your friends. Let us organize an unforgettable TukTuk Group tour, tailored to your preferences and ensuring a memorable experience for your entire group.

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