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Auto rickshaws, commonly known as three-wheelers, can be found on all roads in Sri Lanka from the curvy roads through the hill country to the congested roads of Colombo transporting locals, foreigners, or freight about. Sri Lankan tuk-tuks are of the style of the light Phnom Penh type. Most tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka are a slightly modified Indian Bajaj model, imported from India though there are few manufactured locally and increasingly imports from other countries in the region. Most three-wheelers are available as hiring vehicles, with few being used to haul goods and as private vehicles. We have very good condition 3wheelers for your Comfort, Economical and Reliable Traveling. For 3-wheel lovers . Hire a 3wheel for just 25$ - per day.

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Package Includes

Road Accsiatance – 24 Hours

Tool Kit

Spare Wheel

Oil Can

Very Economical Gas

Vehicle Jack

Clutch Cable

Unlimited Mileage

Road Map